Health Biomed Pharma is a ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified & WHO-GMP Complaince pharmaceutical company and we have put in place the infrastructure and procedures to support a stringent quality policy. All our systems are well documented and are implemented by an expert trained staff with a line of reporting that is independent of manufacturing.

We are committed to ensuring that every product we manufacture and distribute meets with and conforms over its shelf life to internationally accepted standards of quality, purity, efficacy and safety.

All our manufacturing partners are WHO-GMP & ISO Certified and have the latest analytical instruments and tightly monitored quality assurance and quality control systems that ensure consistent quality of our products.

The quality team at the manufacturing site is guided by a Corporate Quality Unit (CQU). This CQU has members from quality assurance, quality engineering, quality control, and regulatory affairs. CQU regularly updates location-based quality representatives on new regulatory practices and monitors the quality of documentation in order to comply with changing international requirements.

Why Quality Standards is Important for us?

Quality plays an important role for us as whenever a medicine is inferior of quality it could have a negative impact on the person consuming it. Due to this quality check and testing is important to safeguard the life of patients. This is the reason that we do not pass products which do not have any significant impact on patient’s life or not safe for them. At Health Biomed Pharma, we use the feedback from our quality assurance team and work on the manufacturing process of medicine to make them safer and effective for patients. This helps us in reducing errors and deliver quality products to our customers more efficiently in the industry. This is the reason for the trust of pharmaceutical and professionals in us.